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Alternatives to Plastic - What are the options to help the planet?


Most of us know that plastic is not good for our planet. In fact, it is one of the primary causes of pollution that is harming our planet and the creatures living on it. It is not too late to make changes though. Even the smallest of steps can help. If all of us made some better decisions to avoid plastic there would be a huge impact. If you want to live in a more Eco-friendly way and pass that on to your children, here are some ideas for alternatives to plastic in different situations, at the supermarket with bags to in the bathroom with a bamboo toothbrush.

Avoid plastic-wrapped produce

There are several things you can do when going to do your food shopping. Take reusable bags rather than using the plastic bags they provide. Also, consider how you buy produce in the fruit and vegetable section. A lot of items there are already wrapped in plastic so choose jacket potatoes that are loose not on trays. But then what do you put those loose foods in? Plastic produce bags. Buy and take some reusable produce bags with you each time you go shopping and you can reduce the plastic you use by a great deal.

Use loose tea

Britain loves its tea. But the majority of those teabags are actually made from thin plastic! These do not decompose, they leak into the soil from the rubbish tips and poison it. Some brands do use organic compostable tea bags, or you could move to use loose tea leaves.

Avoid plastic straws

More fast-food chains are making changes to the plastic straws they offer for their drinks. But they are still out there. Carry a steel or bamboo straw around with you.

Use a bamboo toothbrush

Changing the toothbrush you use is easy to do and there are some great bamboo options out there. If you want to bulk buy you could order some spares plus the same for the family using somewhere that offers a wholesale bamboo toothbrush. All toothbrushes are made from plastic and when you consider how many you use in your lifetime this is a great change to make.

Skip cotton buds

Despite how bad they are for our environment and how dangerous it is to clean your ears with them, many people still use them daily for that purpose. Stop buying them, and if you are using them for purposes other than ear cleaning find some great degradable card sticks instead.

Buy and use a disposable coffee cup

Rather than buying your coffee and using those coffee cups that have the plastic film coating inside that makes it difficult to recycle, buy and remember to use your own reusable coffee cup.

Once you have made these changes, getting a wholesale bamboo toothbrush, re-usable product and shopping bags, your coffee cup and more, you might even think of more you can do to save our planet. Small steps are easy to take and lead to big change.

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